Being able to design your own PowerPoint slides is useful in so many ways. It can help make your PowerPoint lessons more engaging or you can use it as I do as a fun way to display morning work or activity instructions.

They Are Useful For:

1) Morning Work Templates

This is my primary use for my PowerPoint slide templates. Students love walking in to see a bright, thematic whiteboard with the day's instructions. And guess what? Because the decorative slides grab their attention, it also increases the likelihood they'll read all of your instructions on the whiteboard as well. This reduces a lot of those repetitive student questions about what to do. And that's a WIN in my teacher book!

2) Activity Instructions

Having instructions for an activity displayed in engaging written format once again helps eliminate a lot of repetitive questioning which often results in a teacher who is less tired and has more energy for the activity at hand. :)

3) Presentations For Lessons, Professional Development, Etc.

The third set of templates in this course provide a blank canvas for you to customize for any type of presentation you need in your teaching life.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome!

    • Watching The Course On Your Phone

    • Clip Art & Digital Papers

    • Commercial Use Of Clip Art

    • Commercial Clip Art Video

    • Finding Free Clip Art

    • Free Clip Art Video

    • Fonts

    • Downloading Fonts

    • Troubleshooting Fonts In PowerPoint On A Mac

    • Smart Tip: Save Your Favorite Clip Art/Font Artists & Design Ideas

    • Pinterest Design Board Video

    • Clip Art & Font Artist Lists

    • PowerPoint Basics

    • PowerPoint Basics Video

  2. 2
    • Download Them Here!

    • Templates Overview

  3. 3
    • Customizing The Slide Templates

    • Changing The Background & Color Theme

    • More Customizations & Saving Slides As Image Files

  4. 4
    • The Final Version Templates

    • Finishing The Final Version

    • Text Boxes & Editing The 3rd Version Of Templates

  5. 5
    • Saving Your Slides As A PDF

    • PDF Video Tutorial

    • Tips For Selling Your Creations

    • How To Credit FlapJack Factory For Commercial Use Of Your Templates

  6. 6
    • FlapJack Factory Affiliate Program

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Course Testimonial

Game Changer!

by Top Floor Teachers

The course we took at FlapJack Factory is a game changer! Our mornings will be so organized with these cute templates we made!

Meet Your Instructor

Teacher/Curriculum Designer

Tabitha Carro

Hey, there! My name is Tabitha Carro and I've been a teacher seller since 2011. Initially, I was simply trying to make a little bit of extra money on the side as an underpaid teacher. But after a few years, I found myself making equal to my teacher salary. I should have been thrilled about that, but mostly I was just extremely exhausted. You know the expression "There's no tired like teacher tired"? Well, there's actually a worse tired than that. It's called teacher-TpT-side-hustler tired. So in 2015 I began experimenting with ways to cut back on how much I was working while still growing my business. The main tools I came up with were templates and leveraging my smartphone. Over the past few years I've packaged those two productivity practices into several programs for teacher sellers. These programs have helped over 1,000 teacher sellers save time while increasing their visual marketing and resource production. I've had the opportunity to speak on smartphone marketing at various TpT conferences and meet-ups. My biggest breakthrough of all came in 2017 when I was financially able to take a much-needed break from the classroom. My sincerest hope with the templates and tutorials I create for teachers and TPT sellers here is that they help you save time, breathe a little easier, and make the money that you deserve.

Before You Purchase

Before you purchase, make sure you read and have the following tech requirements: 

The tutorials are shown using PowerPoint 14.6.1 on a Mac. The following is required to get the most out of FJ Factory courses:

  • Internet connection
  • Basic skills in PowerPoint
  • Mac or PC with an updated operating system (please be aware that tutorials are done on a Mac but special instructions are provided for PC users when differences arise)
  • PowerPoint 13 or later
  • Your own clip art and digital papers (instructions and sites are provided on where to find clip art and digital papers)

I also highly recommend reading the FAQ section (see website header) before making a purchase.

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