Having trouble finding just what you need for your particular class theme or color scheme?

Why not just create your own class decor?

After creating class decor kits for many years, I have refined an easy-to-follow process for creating your class decorations in no time!

Get my exact PowerPoint templates I use to create best-selling class decor bundles at Teachers Pay Teachers!


See the list below for all the templates included. These easy-to-edit templates are provided to help you create almost anything your teacher heart desires for your classroom!

❀ Alphabet Posters
❀ Alphabet Posters Flexible Font
❀ Color Posters
❀ Binder Covers and Spines
❀ Bookmarks
❀ Bulletin Board Setup
❀ Bunting Pennants 2 With 1 Point
❀ Bunting Pennants 2 With 2 Points
❀ Bunting Triangle 1 Large
❀ Bunting Triangles 2
❀ Bunting Triangles 3
❀ Calendar Squares
❀ Calendar Teacher Monthly
❀ Circle Numbers 0-35
❀ Circle Numbers 1-12
❀ Class Jobs Setup
❀ Coupons Template
❀ Cursive Posters
❀ Days Of The Week
❀ Grouping Cards
❀ Hall Passes
❀ Happy Birthday Poster
❀ Happy Birthday Triangle Banner
❀ Labels Circle 1 Large
❀ Labels Circles 2
❀ Labels Circles 3
❀ Labels Circles 4
❀ Labels Circles 12
❀ Labels File Organizer Boxes
❀ Labels Postcards
❀ Labels Rectangles 3
❀ Labels Rectangles 4
❀ Labels Rectangles 6 I
❀ Labels Rectangles 6 II
❀ Labels Rectangles 9 I
❀ Labels Rectangles 9 II
❀ Labels Rectangles 12
❀ Labels Squares 12
❀ Months Of The Year 2
❀ Months Of The Year
❀ Name Plates
❀ Newsletter
❀ Number Posters
❀ Primary Name Plates
❀ Signs
❀ Signs Half Page
❀ Welcome Banner
❀ Word Wall Setup

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome!

    • Watching The Course On Your Phone

    • Clip Art & Digital Papers

    • Commercial Use Of Clip Art

    • Commercial Clip Art Video

    • Finding Free Clip Art

    • Free Clip Art Video

    • Fonts

    • Downloading Fonts

    • Troubleshooting Fonts In PowerPoint On A Mac

    • Smart Tip: Save Your Favorite Clip Art/Font Artists & Design Ideas

    • Pinterest Design Board Video

    • Clip Art & Font Artist Lists

  2. 2
    • Downloading Your Class Decor Templates

    • Overview Of Your Templates

  3. 3
    • Two First Important Big Setup Steps

    • Step 1: Inserting Digital Papers Into The Background

    • Step 2: Customizing The Color Scheme In PowerPoint

    • Three Other Important Techniques

    • Editing Groups Of Objects

    • Editing Line Borders & Shapes

    • PowerPoint Basics

    • PowerPoint Basics Video

  4. 4
    • Templates With Specific Needs

    • Bunting Templates

    • Teacher Monthly Calendar Template

    • Alphabet Posters

    • Alphabet Posters Video

    • Number Posters

    • Number Posters Video

    • Primary Name Plates

    • Cursive Posters

    • Cursive Posters Video

  5. 5
    • PDF, PDF, PDF!

    • Saving Your File As A PDF

    • How To Credit FlapJack Factory For Commercial Use Of Your Resources

    • Tips For Selling Your Creations

  6. 6
    • FlapJack Factory Affiliate Program


5 star rating

Tabitha thinks of everything!

Zoe Anderson-ross

I am so happy to have found you and your courses. I have wanted to create Classroom Decor packs for so long, and I was going to try it out one day on Photosh...

Read More

I am so happy to have found you and your courses. I have wanted to create Classroom Decor packs for so long, and I was going to try it out one day on Photoshop, but I never have a lot of time to play. This course is so thorough, Tabitha goes through every single detail that's necessary, and even starts of with the basics of PowerPoint, which is amazing as I've not used it in a few years, so I've learned a lot from this course! I love all the time-saving tips on how to edit and it changes on all slides, how to edit the master so it affects all slides, and how to set up custom themes - who needs Photoshop when you have PowerPoint and Tabitha! Thank you very much for creating this and offering it to other teachers! I have already begun creating a decor pack, I'll tag you on Instagram once it's complete! :)

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5 star rating

Awesome Course

Noemi Munoz

I've just finished my first course in this series! Tabitha will guide you through each and every step of the way, so you can create your awesome resources fo...

Read More

I've just finished my first course in this series! Tabitha will guide you through each and every step of the way, so you can create your awesome resources for your classroom and/or to sell them. The templates are an added bonus that will facilitate your work. I have created class decor packets before taking this course, but believe me, this will help you get organized and make your job much easier. I highly recommend it! ~ Naomi :-)

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by Fireflies N' Mason Jars

This course and the templates are amazing! For weeks I have racked my brain on how to best make class decor, but this product made it quick and easy! Thank you very much for making this- I cannot wait to make class decor resources!



Thank you so much! The video tutorials are very helpful and these templates were very easy to use. I made a wide variety of decor using these and will keep creating! Thank you!


Life Beyond the Gradebook

I am extremely happy with this resource! I was able to work through the course pretty quickly and I was off and creating my own decor sets within just a couple days. I feel like I have access to everything I need AND MORE! This is such a great resource for anyone who wants to create classroom decor sets without having to set up their own templates.


Koala Case Curriculum

This is exactly what I was looking for! I cannot believe the amount of detail that this product includes and all of the videos are great for a visual learner like myself.


3rd Grade Engaged

Thank you! This is an incredibly helpful resource for my TPT store.


One Hot Mess Teacher

There is a lot of useful material in this. The videos are so helpful and the templates are perfect. Thank you.


The Homeschool Style-Katie Ring

This is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much!


TaylorMade Learning

Super helpful, step by step instructions. I loved the templates!


The Teacher Next Door

This made creating classroom decor sets so much easier. I appreciate all of your hard work!


Erica Ellison at Rated E for Every Mind

I love your course and ALL of the templates. Thank you!

Class Decor Created Using FlapJack Templates:

Here are just a few examples of class decor that has been created by purchasers using the FlapJack templates.

No more stressing each year to find the class decor you need!

And instead of paying for class decor, you can make your own and earn money at the same time!


  • Can I sell what I make with these templates?

    Yes. All you need to do is link up the FlapJack Factory logo on your credits page.

  • I'm new to creating resources in PowerPoint. Will this course help?

    Absolutely. Basic tutorials on PowerPoint are provided along with more detailed instructions for these class decor templates.

  • Does this come with clip art?

    No, clip art and digital backgrounds are inserted by you separately. If you purchase the complete FlapJack Factory membership, you get to choose one clip art bundle of choice (up to $60 in value).

  • Will you provide a refund?

    Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the templates, no refunds will be provided.

Before You Purchase

Before you purchase, make sure you read and have the following tech requirements: 

The tutorials are shown using PowerPoint 14.6.1 on a Mac. The following is required to get the most out of FJ Factory courses:

  • Internet connection
  • Basic skills in PowerPoint
  • Mac or PC with an updated operating system (please be aware that tutorials are done on a Mac but special instructions are provided for PC users when differences arise)
  • PowerPoint 13 or later
  • Your own clip art and digital papers (instructions and sites are provided on where to find clip art and digital papers)

I also highly recommend reading the FAQ section (see website header) before making a purchase.

Meet Your Instructor

Teacher/Curriculum Designer

Tabitha Carro

Hey, there! My name is Tabitha Carro and I've been a teacher seller since 2011. Initially, I was simply trying to make a little bit of extra money on the side as an underpaid teacher. But after a few years, I found myself making equal to my teacher salary. I should have been thrilled about that, but mostly I was just extremely exhausted. You know the expression "There's no tired like teacher tired"? Well, there's actually a worse tired than that. It's called teacher-TpT-side-hustler tired. So in 2015 I began experimenting with ways to cut back on how much I was working while still growing my business. The main tools I came up with were templates and leveraging my smartphone. Over the past few years I've packaged those two productivity practices into several programs for teacher sellers. These programs have helped over 1,000 teacher sellers save time while increasing their visual marketing and resource production. I've had the opportunity to speak on smartphone marketing at various TpT conferences and meet-ups. My biggest breakthrough of all came in 2017 when I was financially able to take a much-needed break from the classroom. My sincerest hope with the templates and tutorials I create for teachers and TPT sellers here is that they help you save time, breathe a little easier, and make the money that you deserve.

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