Hey, there! I'm Tabitha Carro.

I love my Yorkie-Poo, my Argentinian husband, traveling, my Apple watch, and creating new things every chance I get.

I taught 4th grade Spanish partial-immersion math and science for seven years and kindergarten for six years. I loved creating my own 21st-century resources to meet the needs of my students. I now have a new love which is sharing with other teachers how they too can create their own classroom resources and market them. 

My journey into resource creation started in 2010 when I began my position as a Spanish immersion teacher and needed more materials to teach math and science in the target language. Through the process of content creation, I discovered the joy and freedom of being able to create exactly what my students needed to be successful. I also fell in love with incorporating technology into my resources to engage my students and teach them 21st-century skills. 

I started a blog and TpT store called FlapJack Educational Resources. Over the past few years, my fun-focused resources and class decor have been making their way through many classrooms around the globe. As many fellow teacher-authors can attest, there is a huge sense of fulfillment knowing that what you create is not only helping your own students succeed but also helping teachers in classrooms world-wide be successful with their own students. 

Having this ability has made all the difference for meeting the specific needs of my students, and I truly believe every teacher would greatly benefit from being able to create resources that are tailored specifically for their individual classroom.

FlapJack Factory was born out of a desire to share that ability with fellow teachers in the simplest, most streamlined way possible. If the words like control, freedom, creativity, and customized learning sound very appealing, then FlapJack Factory might be just the right fit for you.

Thanks so much for your visit!

(And for my fellow TpTers, commercial use is absolutely accepted. If you’re looking to better streamline the design process and save time, check out FlapJack Factory membership.)