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And $20 store credit to the FlapJack No Stress Clip Art Store!It's "no-stress" clip art you can use freely in print AND digital resources for your classroom and TpT store.

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Q. What tech requirements are needed to take the courses and use the templates at FlapJack Factory? 

The majority of the tutorials are shown using PowerPoint 14.6.1 on a Mac. The following is required to get the most out of FJ Factory courses:

  • Internet connection
  • Basic skills in PowerPoint
  • Mac or PC with an updated operating system (please be aware that tutorials are done on a Mac but special instructions are provided for PC users when differences arise)
  • PowerPoint 13 or later is suggested
  • Your own clip art and digital papers (instructions and sites are provided on where to find clip art and digital papers)

Q. Can I use the templates with Keynote or Google Slides?

It may be possible but I do not recommend it as many of the time-saving tips included in the tutorials are for PowerPoint only.

Q. Do you provide clip art and digital papers?

I only provide one set of chevron digital papers. You will need to provide your own clip art and digital papers to use with the templates. Instructions and websites are provided in each course on how to find clip art for your creation needs.

Q. Are the courses self-paced?

Yes, they are self-paced and you have lifetime access. You can even watch lessons on your phone while working on your creations on the desktop.

Q. Can I sell the resources I make with FJ Factory templates?

Yes! You just need to credit FJ Factory somewhere in your resource or in the description box of your resource if you sell it at Teachers Pay Teachers. Instructions are provided in each course on how to do this. You also need to check the Terms of Use of the clip art and digital papers you are using.

Q. Will FlapJack Factory teach me how to sell at Teachers Pay Teachers?

Not directly. As of right now the focus of FJ Factory is on resource creation, not on selling your resources. However, the private Facebook group is open to seller questions and support.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

Payments can be made securely through Stripe with any credit card. Paypal payments are also accepted.

Q. Do I need an internet connection to watch the tutorials?


Q. Can I watch the tutorials on my smartphone?

Yes! Instructions are provided on how to watch tutorials anytime on your phone. You can actually watch the tutorials on your phone while putting the lessons into practice on your computer. (Keep cellular data limits in mind.)

Q. Do you sell a school-wide membership to FlapJack Factory?

Yes! Giving teachers the training to create resources to meet the individual needs of their students is an amazing gift and stepping stone to school-wide success! Contact Tabitha at tabitha@flapjacklapbooks.com for more information.

Q. What's the difference between buying an individual course and FJ Factory membership?

FJ Factory membership is actually a bundle of all the courses together. You get lifetime access to all present and future content. You also get access to a private FB support group. With an individual course purchase, you just get lifetime access to that course. The FB support group is only for FJ Factory members.

Q. What's the different between this membership and the one-time payment membership?

Both give you equal access to all membership benefits. With this membership purchase, your fee is spread out over 3 payments for a total of $105. If you were to purchase the one-time payment membership of $89, you would save $16 overall.

Q. If I buy an individual course, can I still purchase FJ Factory membership at a later date?

Yes! Just send an email to tabitha@flapjacklapbooks.com with your username and the name of the course you have already purchased. That will be subtracted from the overall membership cost. We will process your payment of the remaining amount needed and give you access to all course content and the private FB group.

Q. Do you provide refunds if I decide membership is not for me?

Due to the digital nature of the templates (they can be downloaded and used even without access to the site), there are no refunds after membership has been purchased.

FlapJack Factory Lifetime Membership (3 Monthly Payments) includes these courses

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